Churches and Chapels

mobberley12St Wilfrid’s Church, Mobberley

Situated a short and very pretty walk from The Roebuck Inn, St Wilfred’s Church (directly opposite our sister pub, The Church Inn), dates from 1245 and its tower has been standing since 1533. With a Rood screen dating back to the 1500s, beautiful pillars carved in  variety of different faces, a Victorian font, a Medieval mural and stained glass windows dedicated to George Mallory, (see information below), the inside of the building has a lot to offer. Outside, the extensive graveyard is well cared for, there’s a ‘scratch’ sundial, a pretty lynch gate and a beautiful Yew tree.

For security reasons, the church remains locked throughout the week, however visits can be arranged by contacting the Rector, Ian Blay on 01565-873-218. Visit: Church Lane, Mobberley, Cheshire, WA16 7RA

A range of services to suit everyone are on offer and all are welcome to attend.

1st Sunday of the Month

8:30am       Said Holy Communion
10am          Sung Holy Communion
6:30pm       Choral Evensong

2nd Sunday of the Month

8:30am       Said Holy Communion
10am          All-Age Service
6:30pm       Choral Evensong

3rd Sunday of the Month
8:30am       Said Holy Communion
10am          Sung Holy Communion
6:30pm       Choral Evensong with Prayers for Wholeness & Healing

4th Sunday of the Month
8:30am       Said Holy Communion
10am          Choral Matins
6:30pm       Choral Evensong

5th Sunday of the Month

8:30am       Said Holy Communion
10am          Sung Holy Communion Service
6:30pm       Sung Holy Communion

St John’s Parish Church

This beautiful town centre church has a wealth of history, eight bells in the bell tower, Tuscan columns, brass chandeliers, a Victorian chancel, intricate stained glass and a memorial chapel.

Sunday morning worship is at 8:45am (Holy Communion) and 10:15am (principal meeting), to which everyone is welcome. There is also an evening service at 6:45pm.

Contact: 01565-755-160. Visit: Church Hill, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6DH


Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford

The only Grade I listed building in the town, this little chapel is best described by Jane Crowther, who wrote the poem below:

A Very Special Place

Quiet little chapel on a hill patiently bides her time.
A secret, dignified cosy little teapot with two doors.
The stairs outside quietly outstretched
To welcome Sunday visitors.
She has time to spare for everyone.

A congregation who partakes of schoolroom tea,
Rejoice and reflect and sing of seasons
And listen to reasons in sensible sermons and ministers views,
Observing each-other from opposite pews .

You stand firm, quiet, unassuming,
Hidden from view, unobtrusive, always there, everybody’s mother,
Smoothing sadness, sharing joy,
Waiting, watching, accepting, hoping, thinking of the other.

What have you seen through those leaded latticed
Multi-faceted lozenges of light?
You were born amidst famine and fragile unrest
Secretly hidden in the fields by Darkness Lane
A bid for freedom out of dissent, generous courage, and pain
For three hundred years you have watched over town –
Who comes up the cobbles, who goes down –
To sing “The Hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight”
Just how many blackbirds have rehearsed those songs?

Inside whitewashed plain walls NOTHING FANCY,
The low Winter sun casts shadows
And moving beams across the red carpet,
Breathing living green energy in from the garden.

We see organist’s legs ascend the outside stair,
A white cat is moving across the panes, hunting out there
Look closer, there are trapped in the glass, bubbles of air.
Did the glass maker sneeze or stir too fast?
It is a very small signature from the ancient past.

You are very welcome,
Please come again.

The chapelyard is also the final resting place of one of Knutsford’s, (or even the North’s) most famous ladies – the author Elizabeth Gaskell, whose iconic novel ‘Cranford’ was published in 1853 and was based on Knutsford town.

There are lots of activities you can attend at the chapel, our favourites being the ones run by the minister on selected Fridays:

Poetry Group 
10:30am – 12noon. Share your favourite poems with others,

10:30am – 11:30am

Discussion Group
10:30am – 12noon. Join in a good debate on topical issues, between 10:30 am and 12noon.  These sessions are open to anyone whether they attend the Chapel or not.

Contact: Rev. Jean Bradley 01565-754-465 for information on the above activities and to check the dates they run . Visit: Brook Street, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8DY.