Meet and Eat – getting to know the suppliers behind our delicious ingredients

It’s safe to say that no matter how creative our chefs are, or how carefully they cook their dishes, all their hard work would be for nothing if the ingredients they used weren’t perfect.

Something we’re incredibly passionate about is supporting local businesses and sourcing all our seasonal ingredients – from fish to fruit, milk to meat – from suppliers, who care passionately about the produce they sell. Over the next few months we’ll be championing these suppliers and talking loudly and proudly about what they do.

Now, as antiquated as the idea might seem to some (and this is a vegan talking, so I mean me!) everyone knows that for many, meat and two veg are the staples of any decent dish, right?! Therefore, it’s only fitting that we start with our butcher and our fruit and veg supplier!


Reliable, efficient and passionate about seasonality, Wellocks not only provide all our fruit and veg, but also a number of our dairy items (not our ice cream though, you’ll meet that supplier another day!) As our menu changes every three months to reflect the changing seasons, Wellocks is on hand to support our orders for some obscure ingredients.

W H Frosts

Based in Manchester, we have been ordering our meat from Frosts since day one. Our Sunday lamb is farmed in Wales, our ribeye steaks and Sunday sirloins come from premium British beef, reared and farmed in Cheshire and aged for 45 days. Every single meat item on our menu is free-range (as our chefs feel all meat should be) and Frosts are a huge supporter of this ethos.

With the ingredients in place, it’s then down to the creativity and originality of our talented chefs – and long may their inspiration continue!